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Alloy Wheel Repair

Standard silver alloy wheels.

Damaged alloy wheels can be repaired at your home or place of work*. First the wheel is removed from the vehicle, the damage is repaired, the repaired area is primed and painted and then the whole wheel is lacquered. If only one or two wheels are damaged the silver paint will be matched so the repaired wheels will match the original alloys.

Coloured alloy wheels.

All colours of alloy wheels can be matched and the paint finish duplicated, even matt or satin finishes. Some vehicles have coloured wheels that are powder coated, this type of coating cannot be repaired with a paint repair and must be re-powder coated.

Colour change.

Damaged or undamaged alloy wheels can be changed to any colour. If the wheels are damaged the damaged wheel would be reapaired before being recoloured, leaving the wheel looking like new.

Mark can repair alloy wheels in Wakefield and surrounding areas, so if you live in or around Wakefield then give him a call for a free quote or send an email to

*If alloy wheels are to be repaired at your place of work, there would have to be somewhere to park the alloy wheel repair van and also somewhere for the van to be plugged into a 240v socket.