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S.M.A.R.T. Repair

Email a photo of your damage to for a free online quote.

Bumper repair.

Damaged bumpers can be restored back to their original finish right outside your home. All colours can be matched and are mixed in the repair van to the specifications of the colour code found in your car.

Wing mirror casings

Wing mirrors are easily damaged because they protrude from the side of the car. Mark can repair and paint wing mirror casings back to the original finish. if you are replacing the wing mirror, usually the casing comes unpainted, Mark can match any car colour and paint replacement wing mirror casings.

Colour coded door trims

Door trims are usually the first contact when a car door is opened into another car in a car park. This damaged can easily be repaired and painted back to the original condition.


Small - medium area repair techniques (SMART) is a specialist technique adapted for painting parts of cars anywhere. Mark is highly skilled in all areas of bodyshop repair and paint techniques so all his repairs are of a very high standard and Mark will not sacrifice his quality by taking on repairs to larger panels which should be done in a bodyshop environment and painted in a dust free spray booth. REMEMBER, smart repair is for small to medium areas and anyone offering to repair large area damage without the use of a dust free spray booth cannot produce a perfect paint repair.